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No Dig Zone!

MaxLiner is one of the leading manufacturers of CIPP lining material, equipment and supplies. CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) has revolutionized the sewer repair industry. It limits and in many cases eliminates the most expensive task in the repair of underground pipes and utilities: digging. CIPP allows MaxLiner to save homeowners and municipalities thousands of dollars every year. Their liners are long lasting and durable up to a 100 years.

Working with New Phase Marketing, along with a brand new website, 110RPM developed a mobile app that allows crews in the field to easily calculate the amount of MaxLiner lining materials they need for any size job. This allows crews to accurately mix the right amount of resin, ensuring a successful repair and the reduction of waste.


  • Website Design
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MaxLiner Website

MaxLiner Resin Calculator Mobile App

The resin calculator app was developed to allow crews to save their data for each job, including location, material amounts and calculations. After a job is completed, a detailed report can be emailed back to the crew’s company office so they can keep a record of all projects.

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