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Bringing An Album Cover to Life

The Villains - 'One More Time' album cover designFor the design of The Villains’ fourth album the band proposed an Alice In Wonderland concept. They envisioned something whimsical and surreal. The title of the new album, “One More Time” provided the inspiration for the visual elements.  Each element was carefully chosen to reinforce the concept of time. The beach and ocean tide represents a daily cycle. The new born babe and skull hint at life’s beginning and end as well as innocence and wisdom. The bubbles imply how fragile we all are as we travel through time and how life can change in an instant. The gears represent the universe, always in motion. Through it all a young red headed girl floats through life, ageless and beautiful. The same red headed girl graces every previous Villains album cover.

Another goal we had was to include subtle animated elements that a visitor could discover each time they came back to the site. See if you can find them all.


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