This is a question we ask all of our clients at the beginning of every project. Many clients prefer to write their own copy against our best advice. That being said, it certainly doesn’t mean that it has to be worthy of William Shakespeare. Marketing copy does, however, need to tell a focused, compelling story about your business and convince potential customers that your services and products are superior to your competitor’s. For this reason, we will always recommend using a professional copywriter to craft the content for your marketing, be it a brochure, direct mail piece, email-blast or website.

Why Professional Copywriting Makes A Difference

The advantages of using a professional copywriter are numerous. We’ll just cover the ones we feel are most important.

  1. Writing strong and effective copy content is hard work.  It can be a larger undertaking than some unsuspecting clients think. More often than not, we will suggest rewrites to improve the readability, grammar and impact of the text a client has written on their own.
  2. A copywriter will get the job done faster. We’ve worked on many projects that were held up weeks, and even months, waiting for copy content to be provided by a client. Using a pro can be more cost-effective and can also help ensure you don’t have opportunities pass you by because the copy was being written by someone internally that already had too many responsibilities on their plate.
  3. A copywriter can see the forest. You know the old saying about forests and trees. A copywriter is skilled at taking an objective view and putting themselves in the customer’s shoes. Following a strategic direction, they can develop text that says everything it needs to say, the way it needs to be said, in order to engage a target audience.
  4. A copywriter is going make the text more impactful. The flow, readability and tone will be stronger. The overall message will be more concise. An experienced copywriter will write compelling content that will resonate with your potential customer and entice them to take a desired action.
  5. When writing for a website, a copywriter will include strategic keywords and keyword phrases. This is crucial for your website to get found and properly indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  6. Good grammar and the ability to type does not make you a copywriter. This can be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of clients. You may have great grammar skills, know where to place all your commas, semicolons and dashes and have impeccable spelling. The truth is, 9-out-of-10 times a copywriter is going to do a better job at writing text that is more conversational, communicates the value of your products and services more effectively and leads to better results. That is the goal, right? Results?

We still want our clients to be involved with the copywriting. We need them to help us develop an effective strategy and work up an copy outline that clarifies what needs to be said. With these two tools, a professional copywriter can then flesh things out and write text that is compelling, easy to read, strategically focused, SEO rich and that will make your competition sweat bullets.