NAP listingsWe all know what naps are, but do we all know what a NAP is? NAP stands for name, address and phone number. If you own a local business, you should care very much about your NAP and how it impacts your SEO.

Each place your NAP appears online is called a citation. Search engines look at all these citations to confirm a business’ location. If they see inconsistent NAPs, they will not consider all of them to be for the same business. This will decrease the online authority of your business and adversely affect its rankings in search.

So what should you do as a local business owner? First, decide on a NAP and stick to it! Write it down and keep it somewhere safe to use as a reference. Second, verify your local listing with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Third, and this will take some time, verify and correct your NAP with as many listings and directories as possible. This could include Yelp, Angie’s List, and the Yellow Pages, but also sites such as Best of the Web and Citysearch. And don’t forget about your Facebook page! Also, keep an eye open for duplicate listings. If that should come up, put in a request to have the duplicate listing removed. If your business has more than one location, it is best to create a listing for each one, and keep in mind that a P.O. box does NOT count as an address. If you have more than one phone number, pick one to use on your listings.

Using your NAP correctly is a simple but effective way to boost your local SEO. It is one of the many ways 110RPM can help you with your website and grow your business.